Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game play – road to celebrity

I believe that everyone is no stranger to “Kim Kardashian game”. This warm game bears many happy memories of fans of “Celebrity dream”. Now the series has gone through more than 4 years. There are many new contents and new playing methods to make the game volume more full and more playable. Compared with many games on the mobile platform, the screen performance of “Kim Kardashian Hollywood” is not excellent, but for the players who have not play simulation game before, this “Kim Kardashian Hollywood” is very obvious – the game follows the consistent cartoon style of the series, and is no longer a “mosaic” scene with just right light and shadow and depth of field effects, making people look very comfortable.

As soon as the game comes up, it uses almost the same opening and music as the Kim Show, instantly substituting the players into the Hollywood life, which is very nostalgic. Compared with similar games in mobile platforms, there is no lengthy opening teaching in this game, and we will soon be able to fully devote ourselves to the Hollywood work. The game provides quite substantial and rich playing methods: the fashion clothes change with the change of seasons; the make up system perfectly matches the real Hollywood style; the expansion of your house can provide more rooms for your clothes; if you want to expand, you need to upgrade the house to collect more materials and so on We can see that there is a very complete revenue cycle in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood, which drives us to play continuously. Whenever I see the popularity of my character has expanded and the income is increasing, it always brings me a sense of satisfaction.

When we reach a certain level of liking with the candidate NPC, we will trigger love events. Through these events, we can understand the character and further affect the liking of both parties. It also includes the celebrity who have appeared in previous dynasties. However, according to the current information, the conditions for the strategy of celebrity are very harsh, and it requires considerable patience to succeed. Players who like to face difficulties, this time you have chance. The boys and girls in the game don’t wait for the players to choose – some candidates will have their own favorite objects, and sometimes they will “show their love” in front of the players. If it involves the characters that the players like, you should be more careful. The setting of “love enemy” has always been one of the features of the series “Kim Kardashian Hollywood”. It can really make ore town look more vivid. In addition, you can spend stars to avoid love enemy in the game. That’s why so many players looking for Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack to generate free stars for their game. All NPCs in the game have a set of completely fixed dialogue and action mode. After a long observation, we can even guess the exact location of a certain NPC blindly. Although this is one of the “features” of the game, this very mechanized setting will inevitably make me play some scenes.

The concept of time is another feature that makes Kim Kardashian Hollywood more vivid – different festivals and activities are held in the town in each season, such as horse gambling, food selection, cockfighting, fireworks and so on. These activities are interspersed in the busy Hollywood work, which can always relieve our fatigue and add more fun to the game life. In addition, we can also determine NPC’s birthday through the calendar, and give them gifts on the same day will double the goodwill.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood game faithfully restores the celebrity’s life. You can experience almost the same life as a celebrity, and can also reproduce the love journey with your favorite NPC.

My first gameplay for Brawl Stars game

Brawl Stars is a super tactical mobile game with default battle royale perspective. In addition to the common weapons such as rifles, submachine guns and sniper guns, it also includes the “absolute zero” that can freeze the enemy, the “fireball” that can cause range damage, and the “destroyer” that can launch electromagnetic bombs. These powerful and rare heavy weapons. The conditions for winning the game are more relaxed, and the most generous rewards are no longer owned by the first place, but are apportioned to the last 3 people.

The screen style of Brawl Stars is mainly fresh and bright. After picking up the equipment, the characters controlled by the players will not wear it on the body immediately, which will affect the overall aesthetics. However, this way may make the evaluation of the equipment ignored. To solve this problem, Brawl Stars uses a great idea: they stick the level of each equipment component on the top of the blood bar at a glance, and no longer need to distinguish the memory according to the appearance.

Brawl Stars

Because the shooting and skill buttons on mobile devices are mostly in the charge of the right thumb, if a large number of operation details are set, players are likely to suffer from the tedious details. The machine and servant system in Brawl Stars provides multiple fixed summoning objects. For example, shields and fortresses can help you resist the intensive firepower of your opponents. The therapeutic apparatus can help you recover a lot of life. The watchtower can let you see the surrounding environment structure and the direction of the enemy.

In some tactical competitive games, you may complain that you can’t find any vehicles to escape to the safe area outside the signal circle, and quantum attack makes good use of the robot and servant system to put a motorcycle vehicle into it for you to drive. However, the number of gems required for motorcycles is 60, but the initial gems for players is only 50. Fortunately, as a kind of resource, gems, together with weapons and equipment, is placed in every corner of the map. It is not difficult to obtain them. Of course, after successfully eliminating an opponent, you can also get gems from the dropped materials. With the upgrade of the game level, you can unlock more interesting items another. At this moment, if you make use of Brawl Stars hack, you will dig up more hidden items in the map. At a high level, these differentiated items with personal fighting style will make the game very enjoyable.

In terms of guiding novices, Brawl Stars also has a set of special customized programs. In the novice course, the game will recommend two shooting modes, one is the traditional touch screen shooting, the other is intelligent automatic shooting. But the automatic shooting function here is not as powerful as “self aiming”. It only fires automatically when the collimator contacts the enemy’s body. It is mainly used to assist the novice to be familiar with the shooting turning operation of the mobile terminal.

Although Brawl Stars has greatly simplified the operation of mobile terminal, it does not mean that it has lost the depth of tactical competitive games. The jumping function in the game can not only turn windows and climb ladders, but also jump to any building for climbing, which undoubtedly increases the advantage of some guns. When climbing to some commanding heights, we can clearly see the enemy’s movements, and then take corresponding actions to defeat the enemy. When two players have a fire conflict, the traditional tactical competitive games can only use “hard gun” to determine the survival of both sides. And Brawl Stars can not only use the machine servant system to win, but also touch the tumble button to avoid damage, so that you have enough buffer time to fight back. However, in the process of tumbling, the character is not invincible in the whole process. Blind use of the tumbling function will drive him into danger instead.

In the fierce competition environment of mobile games, Brawl Stars does not stop at the rough combination of TPS, but further optimizes the user’s operation experience while retaining the depth of the game. Hide the equipment picked up by the character and display it on the top of the blood bar in the form of icons, which also enhances the beauty and fashion of the whole game. If you need a more comfortable tactical and competitive mobile game, Brawl Stars might be a good choice.

Call of Duty Mobile game play Review

Call of Duty Mobile give me a good impression after the fist around play. A variety of familiar incentives for serial killings, zombie models and map characters, immediately let me feel intimate, Call of Duty classic map and attack methods can also make people easy to start. When you enter a nuclear bomb town in Call of Duty mobile and aim at shooting, you immediately have a sense of familiarity with old friends. What interests me most is the combination of game systems and character scenes.

In terms of game system, “Call of Duty mobile” retains the characteristics of successive generations of killing skills, using the weapon model of “Modern Warfare” series, but also added the expert skills and shovels of “Black Action” to help players navigate the battlefield. “Call of Duty mobile” can be said to be a combination of all the characteristics of the past dynasties, but there is no “sense of fragmentation” pieced together. The combination and unity of this game system makes people feel bright.

In terms of character scenes, COD mobile also brings together a number of works. The Call of Duty series is mainly divided into two parts: Modern War and Black Action. “Call of Duty mobile” combines these two IPs. Both sides’ classic characters and maps are combined. For example, we can operate ghosts in the “nuclear town” of “Operation Black” or use Mason’s “crossfire” in “Modern War”. The novelty of “overlapping time lines” is unprecedented in the previous Call of Duty series. Moreover, the details of mobile version in the characters and scenes are restored in place, and even some classic points have been retained.

There are two actions you need to pay with your real cash if you want better gaming experience: “buying skin” and “battle pass”. Players get the rare skins and guns with money. Once you buy them, you will initially acquire the talent of this type of weapon, while the ordinary gun needs the highest level of proficiency to acquire. In addition, expensive skin guns only add 5% more experience to cheaper ones. As for the battle pass, the unintelligible player can regard it as the “little red book” of dota2. After purchasing the battle pass, the pass will be upgraded with the accumulated experience of the game. Each upgrade will return some rolls, or give away the weapons and props Limited by the pass. Of course, krypton can also be directly used to accumulate the empirical value of battle passes. (PS: We have found that some players are using Call of Duty Mobile hack to help them get battle passes and skins.)

Call of Duty mobile is really excellent in the aspect of weapon feel. For the recoil force of different weapons, shooting feel and hit feedback are quite good. COD mobile maintains the consistent feel of “Call of Duty” series. A mobile version can achieve such shooting experience, which can never be overrated. At the same time, the assistant aiming system added to mobile version also enables novices to start more easily. However, the shooting sound of the mobile version is weird, it is not original weapon sound effect in the traditional series.

COD mobile maintains a high degree of unity in the game rhythm: fast rhythm, more positive feedback and refreshing shooting feel. “Five minutes in a game, ten seconds in an enemy” setting allows players to remain excited throughout the game. Five to ten minutes in a game is also very suitable for the use of fragmentation time to two. However, each game has its shortcomings, and Call of Duty mobile is no exception. In order to ensure the compact pace of the game, the multi-player mode of in mobile version deliberately narrows the map, coupled with the fact that COD mobile is not easy to accurately slide the screen, making the short gun extremely powerful at present. A master of short guns can easily enter and exit the enemy’s house seven times, which makes the original position of the assault rifle as the backbone of the force very embarrassing. And because of the assistant aiming plugged in mobile version, the charge sniper (that is, to take off the sniper mirror and attack with a low power mirror) has become the strongest weapon type at present. As long as you aim at the gun, you can probably kill one shot at the gun too strong, but also can take into account the long-range combat, directly robbed of all other weapons, hoping to solve the imbalance in the weapon type when the formal service is open.

In a word, I will give a “fairly good” evaluation in the game play of “Call of Duty mobile”. Although the actual quality of the game has been ranked first in FPS Tour, the compromises made for transplantation will still make old players a little dissatisfied. And some deficiencies in the current game do affect the normal game experience, such as the big escape can only use 30 frames and often frame drops, weapons are not balanced, laser thunder is too strong, and so on.

Why we say Fortnite is the biggest game of the year?

Fortnite is probably the biggest game of the year. Even in Ubisoft’s assassin creed, blockade and isolated island, the capacity of the Ubisoft can hardly be seen in front of this game. Whenever and wherever you go, you can always find something to do in the world of Fortnite. If you are a loyal fan of Fortnite, you may have to prepare hundreds of hours of free time in advance, or take a half-month vacation altogether.

Strict numerical and hierarchical constraints further amplify the solid feel of the game. “Just do the main task” is by no means a viable option in this game. Level and numerical repression force me to brush a lot of branch tasks in the process of playing. This is actually a double-edged sword that has been handed down since the birth of the series: on one hand, it can effectively regulate the overall rhythm, ensure that players can experience enough diverse contents at every stage of the process, but on the other hand, it also limits freedom.

Since it is a brush, “brush” is naturally the core and essence of Fortnite. Generally speaking, weapons with higher values and better rarity will make you stronger and stronger in battle. However, Fortnite new season breaks this single principle to a certain extent and makes some interesting tricks in weapon characteristics. I used to have fired a shotgun with high magnification and far range, taking into account range and impact force, and getting a pistol with impact and explosion properties. Each bullet is like a rocket launcher that can kill the enemy to slag. This means that the weapons in Fortnite can not be judged simply by their values or scores. Most of the time, a seemingly ordinary weapon may hide some amazing features, which give me a sense of novelty as if I had discovered a new continent. What’s more, some players have found that top players are able to get free v bucks no human verification in PS4 platform to bypass the weapons issue. Anyway, I have not try it yet.

Of course, orange costumes and weird toys have a very low drop rate in fortnite game. Whether we can brush a good weapon is a matter of great luck. In the long period of time when we can not reach the bottleneck period of our weapons, the experience will be very painful and boring. Although the game will provide a middle and upper level weapon to protect the floor at each stage through the form of task reward, but with the progress of the process, the demand for weapon performance and combination collocation will be more and more strong in the middle and later stages. These bottom guard measures will gradually become invalid. When I was playing, there were several nodes that could not keep up with the performance of weapons, and finally had to stop the task, honestly looking for branch task brush equipment.

Undoubtedly, fighting and shooting are the main course of the game in Fortnite new season. Thick blood bars and a mechanism for resurrection of fallen enemies make the game like Warrior of Destruction to encourage reckless and radical fighting style. The restraint of various elements and weaknesses in the game provides more possibilities for your weapons match and tactics. As long as your weapons are not particularly bad, the focus of battle is no longer “how to pass the border”, but “how to kill the enemy in a fancy way”. Between pure sensory stimulation and rich strategic depth, Fortnite finds a perfect balance. That also means that players can have many choices for career characters.

Of course, diversified career characteristics also mean that coordination is very important. In fact, almost every role has a lot of skills that can only play a powerful role only when players cooperate with each other. Although single-player play can also experience most of the content of the process, but the more difficult and feasible strategy space is relatively limited. So as long as the conditions permit, please be sure to call your friends to embark on the journey of Fortnite.

The BOSS battle is the most striking part of Fortnite. From the flexible and eccentric humanoid warriors to the large scale machinery, the BOSS of this game is not only conceptual and creative, but also has a variety of combat style and stage characteristics. What’s more, the improvement of BOSS difficulty in the middle and later stages of the game is more reflected in the combination of maneuvers and skill changes, rather than simply piling up numbers or investing more miscellaneous soldiers. If the BOSS battle design of Destiny 2 used to be the benchmark of this subdivision, then Fortnite undoubtedly surpasses the former.

Fortnite is the master of the whole survival series, leaving aside some unavoidable minor flaws, it has been polished in all aspects to be perfect enough. If you’re a faithful fan of survival games, you can’t miss it.