Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game play – road to celebrity

I believe that everyone is no stranger to “Kim Kardashian game”. This warm game bears many happy memories of fans of “Celebrity dream”. Now the series has gone through more than 4 years. There are many new contents and new playing methods to make the game volume more full and more playable. Compared with many games on the mobile platform, the screen performance of “Kim Kardashian Hollywood” is not excellent, but for the players who have not play simulation game before, this “Kim Kardashian Hollywood” is very obvious – the game follows the consistent cartoon style of the series, and is no longer a “mosaic” scene with just right light and shadow and depth of field effects, making people look very comfortable.

As soon as the game comes up, it uses almost the same opening and music as the Kim Show, instantly substituting the players into the Hollywood life, which is very nostalgic. Compared with similar games in mobile platforms, there is no lengthy opening teaching in this game, and we will soon be able to fully devote ourselves to the Hollywood work. The game provides quite substantial and rich playing methods: the fashion clothes change with the change of seasons; the make up system perfectly matches the real Hollywood style; the expansion of your house can provide more rooms for your clothes; if you want to expand, you need to upgrade the house to collect more materials and so on We can see that there is a very complete revenue cycle in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood, which drives us to play continuously. Whenever I see the popularity of my character has expanded and the income is increasing, it always brings me a sense of satisfaction.

When we reach a certain level of liking with the candidate NPC, we will trigger love events. Through these events, we can understand the character and further affect the liking of both parties. It also includes the celebrity who have appeared in previous dynasties. However, according to the current information, the conditions for the strategy of celebrity are very harsh, and it requires considerable patience to succeed. Players who like to face difficulties, this time you have chance. The boys and girls in the game don’t wait for the players to choose – some candidates will have their own favorite objects, and sometimes they will “show their love” in front of the players. If it involves the characters that the players like, you should be more careful. The setting of “love enemy” has always been one of the features of the series “Kim Kardashian Hollywood”. It can really make ore town look more vivid. In addition, you can spend stars to avoid love enemy in the game. That’s why so many players looking for Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack to generate free stars for their game. All NPCs in the game have a set of completely fixed dialogue and action mode. After a long observation, we can even guess the exact location of a certain NPC blindly. Although this is one of the “features” of the game, this very mechanized setting will inevitably make me play some scenes.

The concept of time is another feature that makes Kim Kardashian Hollywood more vivid – different festivals and activities are held in the town in each season, such as horse gambling, food selection, cockfighting, fireworks and so on. These activities are interspersed in the busy Hollywood work, which can always relieve our fatigue and add more fun to the game life. In addition, we can also determine NPC’s birthday through the calendar, and give them gifts on the same day will double the goodwill.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood game faithfully restores the celebrity’s life. You can experience almost the same life as a celebrity, and can also reproduce the love journey with your favorite NPC.