Why we say Fortnite is the biggest game of the year?

Fortnite is probably the biggest game of the year. Even in Ubisoft’s assassin creed, blockade and isolated island, the capacity of the Ubisoft can hardly be seen in front of this game. Whenever and wherever you go, you can always find something to do in the world of Fortnite. If you are a loyal fan of Fortnite, you may have to prepare hundreds of hours of free time in advance, or take a half-month vacation altogether.

Strict numerical and hierarchical constraints further amplify the solid feel of the game. “Just do the main task” is by no means a viable option in this game. Level and numerical repression force me to brush a lot of branch tasks in the process of playing. This is actually a double-edged sword that has been handed down since the birth of the series: on one hand, it can effectively regulate the overall rhythm, ensure that players can experience enough diverse contents at every stage of the process, but on the other hand, it also limits freedom.

Since it is a brush, “brush” is naturally the core and essence of Fortnite. Generally speaking, weapons with higher values and better rarity will make you stronger and stronger in battle. However, Fortnite new season breaks this single principle to a certain extent and makes some interesting tricks in weapon characteristics. I used to have fired a shotgun with high magnification and far range, taking into account range and impact force, and getting a pistol with impact and explosion properties. Each bullet is like a rocket launcher that can kill the enemy to slag. This means that the weapons in Fortnite can not be judged simply by their values or scores. Most of the time, a seemingly ordinary weapon may hide some amazing features, which give me a sense of novelty as if I had discovered a new continent. What’s more, some players have found that top players are able to get free v bucks no human verification in PS4 platform to bypass the weapons issue. Anyway, I have not try it yet.

Of course, orange costumes and weird toys have a very low drop rate in fortnite game. Whether we can brush a good weapon is a matter of great luck. In the long period of time when we can not reach the bottleneck period of our weapons, the experience will be very painful and boring. Although the game will provide a middle and upper level weapon to protect the floor at each stage through the form of task reward, but with the progress of the process, the demand for weapon performance and combination collocation will be more and more strong in the middle and later stages. These bottom guard measures will gradually become invalid. When I was playing, there were several nodes that could not keep up with the performance of weapons, and finally had to stop the task, honestly looking for branch task brush equipment.

Undoubtedly, fighting and shooting are the main course of the game in Fortnite new season. Thick blood bars and a mechanism for resurrection of fallen enemies make the game like Warrior of Destruction to encourage reckless and radical fighting style. The restraint of various elements and weaknesses in the game provides more possibilities for your weapons match and tactics. As long as your weapons are not particularly bad, the focus of battle is no longer “how to pass the border”, but “how to kill the enemy in a fancy way”. Between pure sensory stimulation and rich strategic depth, Fortnite finds a perfect balance. That also means that players can have many choices for career characters.

Of course, diversified career characteristics also mean that coordination is very important. In fact, almost every role has a lot of skills that can only play a powerful role only when players cooperate with each other. Although single-player play can also experience most of the content of the process, but the more difficult and feasible strategy space is relatively limited. So as long as the conditions permit, please be sure to call your friends to embark on the journey of Fortnite.

The BOSS battle is the most striking part of Fortnite. From the flexible and eccentric humanoid warriors to the large scale machinery, the BOSS of this game is not only conceptual and creative, but also has a variety of combat style and stage characteristics. What’s more, the improvement of BOSS difficulty in the middle and later stages of the game is more reflected in the combination of maneuvers and skill changes, rather than simply piling up numbers or investing more miscellaneous soldiers. If the BOSS battle design of Destiny 2 used to be the benchmark of this subdivision, then Fortnite undoubtedly surpasses the former.

Fortnite is the master of the whole survival series, leaving aside some unavoidable minor flaws, it has been polished in all aspects to be perfect enough. If you’re a faithful fan of survival games, you can’t miss it.