10 Splatoon 3 Players Who Are Total Hypebeasts

Splatoon 3's Inklings and Octolings are about to shoot each other in their drip best.

I wonder where the Splatsville track is…
Image: nintendo

If you spent time strolling Splaton 3the new global hub of Splatville, then you have undoubtedly seen the most dripping fashion known in this inky chaos town. No kidding, the cuts are so clean – and so bizarre – that I couldn’t help but chronicle the best of the best. From the omnipresence of school uniforms to the most chic outfits, I collected 10 of the freshest digs I’ve seen in my time with colored ink.

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Fashion has always been an important part of Splatoon, especially because the gear you outfit your squid with directly affects your overall stats. Clothes can do things like increase your ink reserves to be able to throw more paint Where strengthen your ink defenses to be able to deal more damage. You can find out what abilities each piece of gear grants in stores located in Splatsville where you can buy, upgrade, and trade clothes using in-game currency.

Money isn’t the only way to unlock clothes, though. As was the case with OG Splatoon, the trio features Amiibo support, which is a nice way of saying that some of the best – or most dripping – clothes in the game are locked behind you by owning a specific Amiibo. Murch, the hot sea urchin who can order material at a fairly high priceI can’t help you here.

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Still, the yarns on display at Splatsville are incredibly eye-catching. In the slides that follow, you’ll see an eclectic mix of styles, including creepy Chuck-E-Cheese-like mascots and people who look like Brotherhood of Steel rejects To fall series. Many people are reviving 90s fashion with bright colors. And there is that pair of dress shoes everyone wears you can only cop the Inkling Girl Amiibo. It’s a bummer, but the outfits people have created are awesome. So, let’s look at some squid drops: