11 things that caught our attention

Joel looks back as he flees the collapse of society with his daughter.

Screenshot: HBO / Kotaku

While it’s not expected until next year, this week we took a closer look at the upcoming HBO TV adaptation of the PlayStation 3 megahit, The last of us. Previous previews of the show have revealed some stunning parity with source materialand the first trailer shows off even more synergy with the game’s set design, props, narrative beats, and more.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it here:

The Last of Us | Official trailer | HBO Max

From duplicate street signs and scenes with nearly identical framing to character development cues that match the original, here are the main things that stood out to us from the most recent trailer. Fair warning, we are about to enter some mess territory. The last of us has been around since 2013, so if you’re still avoiding spoilers for this storyline, I envy your ability to stay so aloof from gamer culture.