Acclaimed tropical island mystery Call of the Sea is getting a VR adaptation

Call of the Sea, developer Out of the Blue Games’ glorious mysterious tropical island adventure, is getting a VR adaptation for Meta Quest 2, with the project currently set for release next year.

Call of the Sea tells the story of Norah Everhart (voiced by Firewatch and Cissy Jones from The Walking Dead Season One), as she lands on a beautiful island somewhere in the 1930s South Pacific in search of her missing husband.

What follows is an engrossing and often ingenious mix of story, exploration, and puzzle that successfully hits strong emotional beats even as it sways gently into growing weirdness.

Call of the Sea – PC and Xbox Launch Trailer

“A dazzlingly different start with a haunting sense of place and adventure,” is how Eurogamer’s Robert Purchase described Call of the Sea in his recommended review.

Details on the upcoming VR adaptation of Call of the Seas remain a bit sparse at the moment, but Out of the Blue and publisher Raw Fury will reveal more as part of this year’s Raindance Festival, which runs from October 26. to November 26. There will also be a closed alpha demo before release.