Butterfly Soup 2 will be released next month

Developer Brianna Lei has announced a sequel to her 2017 game Butterfly Soup, and it’s coming out next month.

Butterfly Soup 2 is set to launch on October 29 and will follow the four main characters a few months after the original story.

We’ve already featured Butterfly Soup in an article by Natalie Flores about humanizing queer women through humor in games, and Butterfly Soup has it in spades.

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Lei calls Butterfly Soup “a visual novel about gay Asian girls playing baseball and falling in love” on his Itch.io store page. There are also plenty of memes and relatable content.

To celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary, Lei took to Twitter to announce its sequel, Butterfly Soup 2.

A #mood of main character Diya.

Humor as a coping mechanism? We have all been there.

This is a great “I’m going to give the gays everything they want” moment for indie gaming, as Butterfly Soup is loved by many (myself included).

Butterfly Soup 2 will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux via Itch.io when it launches on October 29. If the combination of sports, memes, and queer Asian representation interests you, you can play Butterfly Soup for free before the sequel releases.