Dark Souls 3 PC servers are offline again

A month after the Dark Souls 3 Steam servers were finally bought online after more than seven months of downtime, they are offline again, with publisher Bandai Namco confirming that they are currently “investigating” the issue.

The Dark Souls server issues began in January, when Bandai Namco was forced to disable servers for all Dark Souls games following reports of serious security issues. Although the publisher described the situation as “temporary” at the time, it took over seven months for a fix to be rolled out, with Dark Souls 3 servers finally coming back online in late August.

Unfortunately, the celebrations were short-lived and the game’s PvP servers are once again down, preventing players from accessing any of its online features.

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Recognize the latest server issues on the official Dark Souls Twitter account, Bandai Namco wrote, “At this time, there is a confirmed issue with online play of Dark Souls 3 through the Steam platform.” The publisher added that it is “currently investigating the source of the problem” and promised to provide an update “as soon as more details become available”.

There’s no word yet on what’s causing the problem, or how severe the problem will be or how long the downtime will likely be this time around, but hopefully it won’t be too long before the PC players can resume their invasion and ‘incredible chest ahead’-ing once again.

At this point, many are hoping that Bandai Namco will have more news to share about the Dark Souls 1 and 2 servers, which remain offline after the January plug-pull to date.