Deltarune has new music and art for Undertale’s anniversary

A little man crosses the street.

Screenshot: Toby Fox

The creator of Subtitle just released new updates to the highly anticipated next chapters of his new series. Toby Fox said that Deltarune Chapters 3-5 production is well underway, although new parts of the game will not be released this year. But he showed the community new music and screenshots. Looked:

Kris, does anyone tell you your family is fucking weird?

Screenshot: Toby Fox

A band of monsters make music on stage.

Screenshot: Toby Fox

Deltarune is an RPG set in the Subtitle universe, and has been in development since 2018. The last time Fox gave an update was on September 18 of last year, during which it published chapter 2 of Deltarune free. Then he promised that fans will be able to pay the full Deltarune experience once he completes chapters 3, 4, and 5. According to today’s post, the dev team was mostly focused right now on parts 3 and 4.

But it looks like they’ve made a lot of progress since then. Deltarune now has “a few more” developers, and the pace of production is “much improved since last time”. There were “some aspects” that took a long time, but it looks like Fox’s team got over that bump in the road, saying things should go a lot smoother from now on.

Fox also revealed that certain musical soundtracks will only be available in town if you recruit certain characters who will come together to form a band! Also, more characters will have their own rooms (is that something, Deltarune fandom?). But you won’t be able to experience it for the rest of this year. Once the new parts of the game come out, it’s should cost more that Subtitlewhich is currently $9.99 on Steam.

Instead of buying Deltarune, Fox advised fans to direct their funds to their charity auction, Spamton Sweepstakes. The auction will start on September 17 at 12 PMPT and will last 24 hours on the official website Deltarune website. Fox reassured fans that the event will be accessible to “Spamton lovers and haters alike.”