Discord update adds forum channels to community servers

Forum channels have been added to Discord’s community servers.

This new feature will allow users to create “dedicated spaces for each new discussion topic”, explains Discord.

“You’ll be able to see everything people are discussing before you jump in, allowing you to engage in an existing discussion – or start a new one – without worrying about breaking up or interfering with other ongoing conversations. ”

Something fishy is going on here.

You can see a small preview of this feature thanks to the video above.

Those running community servers will be able to add as many of these new forum channels as they see fit.

All discussions on these channels will be “contained in messages,” which Discord says will make it “easier to jump to an existing channel (or start a new one) without worrying about your message getting buried!” »

For those wishing to create a new forum for yourself, you will need to head to the channel list on your Discord server and hover over “channel category”. Then a small + icon should appear. You will then see the “Create Channel” option.

From there, select “Forum” and decide what you want to call it. After that, all you have to do is click “Create Channel” and you’ll be away.