Fans think Lucasfilm Games is teasing a Maniac Mansion return

Return to Monkey Island has just been released and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. This reception was of course not missed by those at Lucasfilm Games, or more specifically Craig Derrick who worked with Ron Gilbert and co to bring the game out.

Now, Derrick shared her joy at all of the positive feedback for Return to Monkey Island in a heartfelt Twitter thread.

That alone is nice but not particularly newsworthy. However, at the end of his thread, Derrick wrote a few simple words that caught the world’s attention: “I’ll be there when it’s time to RETURN TO THE MANSION!”

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Many have now assumed that the mansion Derrick is referring to is that of Maniac Mansion, Lucasfilms first self-published game from 1987.

This game was designed by Gary Winnick and a certain Ron Gilbert, and saw players solve various puzzles as they made their way through the mansion of the fictional Edison family.

While that tweet alone might not be enough to conclude that Derrick was indeed teasing a revival of point-and-click adventure, others pointed out that he also tweeted his desire to return to the mansion in August.

Again, with confident use of capitals, Derrick tweeted, “I know I have to…GO BACK TO THE MANSION!” This tweet was accompanied by a trailer for the 1989 EGA enhanced version of Maniac Mansion.

Eurogamer will keep you posted if these teases ultimately pay off. Would you like to see the green tentacle again?