Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Edition Leaked, We Have Questions

A collage shows different Far Cry 6 characters from various updates.

Image: Ubisoft

An image found on the Xbox Online Store backend appears to reveal that Ubisoft is preparing to release a “Game Of The Year Upgrade Pass” for far cry 6. It’s… fine, I guess, but it begs the question: what site thought it was the best game of 2021 and gave it such a accolade?

Last years far cry 6 was a good game. I said it in my review. It’s a solid open-world shooter with some interesting ideas, a wonderfully detailed tropical island to explore, and a few floppy elements that don’t quite work. Hey, it’s a Ubisoft game, that last part is legally required. Even though I liked it, we here at Kotaku didn’t call it our game of the year or anything like that, and no other site did either. Or so I thought.

First spotted by data miner Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twittera leaked image from Microsoft’s Xbox store appears to reveal a new digital update coming from far cry 6nicknamed the “Game of the Year Upgrade Pass”. It’s probably a name change. “Ultimate Edition”, possibly including new content, but mostly old DLCs and updates bundled into one big package.

Kotaku has contacted Ubisoft about this leaked DLC content.

But, whatever, I’m not here to dig into what could be in this new yet unconfirmed GOTY update of far cry 6. Instead, like others online, I’m here to question its very name. Seriously? Who there in 2021 was calling far cry 6 game of the year? Of course, I imagine some Diehard fans online have felt this, but it doesn’t seem like enough to warrant a full GOTY edit or an upgrade or anything. Were there really any websites that also felt this? Well, yes, it turns out. At least two, but I have a few questions for them.

The first standing on its list of the best games of 2021gadget and game site BGR gave far cry 6 his first place. It’s not quite the same as a game of the year, but it’s the site calling it the best game of 2021 and it’s pretty close, especially when so few other points sales have done something similar. However, the presentation text attached to far cry 6 is a bit strange, calling the Far cry franchise a “legacy game series” that most people feel “compelled to play”. He then mentions that the latest sequel has a great story “just like all the other games in the series,” and says some might even call it the best entry yet. It seems, however, as if BGR is not so certain.

Looking around me, another site that gave far cry 6 his game of the year was EFTMa lifestyle website about technology and cars. He formally declared far cry 6 the best game of 2021. Oddly, the blog announcing this news begins by saying Call of Duty is fantastic. It then pivots to a loosely related reflection on how, when a new Far cry game releases, it’s time to “drop everything and play”. What if I held a drink like a jester at the exact moment a new Far cry the game comes out? Can I stick to it?

EFTM writer Trevor Long explains that far cry 6 has a great storyline that can also be skipped, but he hasn’t even finished it yet and may never finish it. And while I don’t think you need to finish a game to review it or have critical thoughts about it, I do think you should probably finish it before you call it your official game of the year. But hey, it’s you, Trevor.

Finally I found another site that thought far cry 6 might be the best game of 2021. It’s a high school website called Tstorm Media and in a 2021 review of far cry 6, the author suggests that it could be the best game of the year, but does not commit. Sorry, Ubisoft.

So yes, technically, Ubisoft far cry 6 received a few official Online Game of the Year awards or mentions. Of course, it was not IGN Where GameSpot ohr Kotaku Where Polygon Where Gamer on PC Where PSR Where VGC Where The player Where Gamer Where game informant Where…