FIFA 23 has an option where the game won’t tell you how bad you are

A few foot-to-ball players in blue, walking on the field.

Screenshot: EA

are you a Fifa fan? Are you also a little baby-human who sometimes just don’t want to hear it? Then EA has the new feature for you! FIFA 23, available for pre-orders today, will allow you to disable comments that criticize the way you play. Alternative idea: play better?

Haha, like I could play one Fifa Game. Or might want. But I would say that since you are fluent in English/American For the viewer at least, the best time to play sports games (see: fluid) is when you do so catastrophically, even the game starts to laugh at you. It’s hard to have my ego bruised when I don’t care, although many will choose this option simply because they want to have a relaxing time. Again, real children do exist. What if this feature was for them? It would make me look like an asshole. Still, I want to believe kids have much thicker skin than this, and it’s definitely for whiny football fans.

But as Eurogamer Point, there is now an option in the menus that allows you to “Disable critical comments”. At least in theory. Eurogamer tested the mode (look, I would do that too, but I tried running it and it crashed both Steams simultaneously and Origin – they don’t want to play it either), and discovered that he kept criticizing the play anyway. So maybe he’s an amazing troll.

Comment in FIFA 23 is likely provided by Wayne Geezer and Sir Rafferty Earl-OBE, the two exchanging witty good words and aggressive C-words, as you simulate the act of softly hitting a ball from end to end of a field, without any other element involved at all. However, it now looks like they’ll be limiting themselves to critiquing each other’s teacup strength rather than your button-pressing skills.

Baseball is the only sport proper. Thank you, continue.