Gamers rush to download popular GTA 4 mod compilation after takedown notice

PC gamers are racing to find ways to download a popular Grand Theft Auto 4 mod compilation after it was taken down following a copyright infringement notice sent to the hosting site that provided access to the project.

Grand Theft Auto IV – Definitive Edition is a project that has complied with a number of mods to improve and update the game to work on modern PCs (thanks, PC Gamer).

The game was last updated by Rockstar in 2020, when the developer removed archaic games for Windows Live DRM after it was shut down by Microsoft. However, this also had the unfortunate effect of disabling access to online multiplayer and leaderboards, which were run through the GFWL backend.

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Apart from these changes, small tweaks have been made to make the game run better on modern machines, which is where the modding community came in.

Unfortunately, GTA modders have fallen on hard times, with Take-Two Interactive issuing takedown notices on several projects over the past few years.

It is unclear who is issuing the takedown notice for this particular project, as the Mediafire hosting site does not disclose who is issuing complaints. However, it’s more than likely that Take-Two is the plaintiff, given the company’s historically strict protection of its intellectual properties.

Take-Two, however, may have more reason to be cautious, given the major security breach that led to the massive leaked footage of the upcoming GTA title.