Genshin Impact devs reveal the boss who killed the most players

Aether, Xiao, Keqing and Paimon fight against Osial.

Image: HoYover

Yesterday, the developers of Genshin Impact posted the latest edition of the RPGs online newsletter, which usually details fun statistics about the behaviors and experiences of its huge player base. Usually it’s fun facts like how many times players have drowned or how many players have maxed the weakest swords in the game. This latest edition, however, contained something a little different. Now, for the first time, we know the identity of the most dangerous boss in all of Teyvat. And of course, it’s Azhdaha.

Players originally encounter Azhdaha during the main questline. While he was originally a benevolent old dragon who was friends with our buddy Zhongli, his spirit eroded over time. By the time we fight him, he is no longer the protector of the realm. Instead, he wants to break out of his mountain prison and get revenge on the world. Worst of all, he has the courage to support it.

While HoYoverse hasn’t revealed the exact number of players who have been slain by the dragon, absolutely no one is playing. Genshin is surprised that he is Teyvat’s most prolific killer. Azhdaha has several tricks to annihilate you, he is immune to invincibility frames, and he changes elements every time you fight him. Genshin has plenty of tough weekly bosses (ask me how I’m doing against Signora each week) with huge AoE attacks, but Azhdaha is special for another reason: her elemental attacks will chip away at your health over time unless you don’t. be protected by a shield. The playable geo character Zhongli makes the fight much easier to survive, but I keep dying in Azhdaha every time I leave him off the team. Even with my best shield, the earth dragon continues to be my least difficult boss in the game.

Nor is it practical to simply avoid fighting it. Azhdaha is a weekly boss that holds exclusive upgrade drops, which means fighting him is necessary if you want to max out certain characters. Currently, nine characters are using Azhdaha drops to enhance their abilities: Dori, Ayaka, Yanfei, Eula, Electro Traveler, Yoimiya, Kazuha, Sayu, and Yelan. I managed to avoid fighting him until I pulled Ayaka out of the gacha. Since then, I’ve always fought him first. After all, you have to eat your vegetables before having dessert.

Some players spend thousands of dollars to show their devotion to their favorite character. For us Ayaka and Kazuha, we express our love by challenging Azhdaha every week.