Genshin Impact Partners With Ufotable For New Anime Projects

The new Genshin Impact anime style created by ufotable shows a fairy or something that I don't know.

Screenshot: HoYovers/ufotable

Genshin Impact, the multimillion-selling mobile action-RPG, is looking to get its own animated show. And it comes from the wizarding artists of ufotable.

I’m not going to claim to be an expert in Genshin Impact for you right now. Sisi is currently indisposed, and so I am ruining their reputation, their very lives, by rushing out and posting this news. In my defense, they are currently unable to write due to all the screaming and running around the room, bumping into things, laughing, crying, and then screaming again. Here’s why:


My weird and eternal loop with Genshin Impact is to install it, intend to start playing it, then get distracted by a bee and forget for a few weeks, rate this massive install the folder on my SSD and decide I need that space, then think, “I should really play Genshin Impact.”

Watching the concept trailer for the new anime, I’m inspired to keep going even more. I want to have all the knowledge in place to be able to enjoy watching something this beautiful. I mean, my God, look at him!

So yes it is a concept trailer, rather than a network pitch, or a teaser of a show already in production. However, it was released to announce the long-term collaboration plans between HoYoverse and ufotable (both of which need a capitalization lesson), and it’s fair to say that will be their focus, given that it’s is what ufotable does. They are, after all, the studio behind the anime for demon slayer and Spell.

This was announced during the outpouring of new information by HoYovers for Genshin ImpactSpecial program of version 3.1, which you can follow here.

Okay, sorry, I need to find the long-handled broom so I can get Sisi down from the ceiling. They’re screaming something about “I’M DISGUSTED AT HOW COOL SCARAMOUCHE IS IN THIS TRAILER. DAMN IT. STOP MAKING ME TRY TO LOVE THIS PINT SIZE LOSER BECAUSE IT WORKS!” I don’t know what that means.