Kojima teases a new game with a mysterious website

Hideo Kojima is back.

The creator recently created a website, presumably for a new game, which features nothing more than a gloomy face with the words “Who am I?” written on the picture.

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Clicking on that image then gives you the option to share said image on various social media feeds, which Geoff Keighly did. As such, the internet now expects this new Kojima project to be fully unveiled at The Game Awards in December.

Some have speculated that a Tokyo Game Show announcement could be imminent, however, Kojima has already stated that there will be no new game reveal at TGS this week.

However, the mystery of who this person is may not be so mysterious anymore. Many have assumed that the person featured here is actress Elle Fanning.

This has led some to point out that Norman Reedus, aka Sam Bridges in Death Stranding, now follows Fanning on Instagram.

Reedus had previously leaked that Death Stranding 2 is in production, but this hasn’t been officially confirmed or denied by Kojima. Maybe there is something more here. I’m sure we’ll all find out soon enough.

Then again, maybe Fanning is just his next podcast guest…?