Lego Bricktales Still Gorgeous, Gets October Release Date

Lego Bricktales, developer ClockStone’s gorgeous diorama-based puzzler, finally has a release date and will be coming to Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on October 12.

Announced in March, Lego Bricktales sees players traversing five beautiful brick-based dioramas – a lush jungle, a sunny desert, a bustling corner of town, a medieval castle and a tropical island – as they, along with the wizard of an adorable robot pal, embark on a quest to help their grandfather reinvigorate his run-down amusement park.

The ensuing adventure offers a mix of puzzles and quests based on the brick-by-brick construction mechanic of Lego Bricktales, challenging players to find a solution to a particular task at hand by building something out of a limited number of bricks – a bridge to cross a river, for example, or a physics-based flyable gyrocopter.

Lego Bricktales – Release date trailer.

Away from the main Bricktales story, there’s a sandbox mode – giving players the chance to go back to previous challenges and upgrade their designs with additional bricks of different themes – as well as additional constructions to complete at grandfather’s amusement park. There are also collectibles to find, unlocking new wardrobe items and new Sandbox brick colors.

This all comes when Lego Bricktales launches on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch on October 12. And PC gamers can check out a demo right now, on Steam.