Marvel’s Spider-Man PC Mod Brings Back Peter Parker’s Original Face

Marvel’s Spider-Man came to PC earlier this year, and with it came a slew of mods.

Now, one such mod has given the game a literal facelift, replacing Peter Parker’s new model with that of the game’s original PlayStation 4.

Marvel’s Spider-Man PC Remaster Gets Digital Foundry Tech Review

This mod was uploaded to Nexus mods by DaigronCDM. Known as “John Bubniak – PS4 face restoration mod”, it does exactly what you would expect. This makes Peter Parker look like John Bubniak, Spidey’s original face model before the character was redesigned to look more like actor Yuri Lowenthal.

You can see some pictures of this mod in action below.

Sometimes you just need a new perspective on things.

You’re looking at me ?

Another mod we should highlight here is a first person mod.

This Spider-Man mod from jedijosh920 (via PC Gamer) allows users to experience “realistic first-person web sweeping.” It’s as stomach-shattering as you’d imagine, so grab a few Kwells before checking out the video below, which shows the mod in action.

I need to lie down a bit now.

After its release last month, Spider-Man Remastered had the second-highest concurrent player spike on Steam for PlayStation Studios, second only to God of War.

Digital Foundry’s Alex commented that this PC version “turned out beautifully” after launch.

“While a little more tweaking is needed to get the game in full shape, the version you’ll be playing today definitely delivers,” he wrote in his August tech review.