Microsoft introduces option to disable Xbox startup sounds

Turn on your Xbox late at night and what do you hear? A booming animated Xbox logo, probably – especially if you turned up the volume on any of your TV’s apps earlier today.

Fortunately, Microsoft has heard your pleas – no doubt over the noise of their own Xbox consoles – and is implementing an option to turn off startup sounds altogether. Yes, you will be able to tell this Xbox swoosh from shoosh.

The choice of a silent boot is now available for those in Microsoft’s Alpha test ring for Xbox system software, which means everyone will likely follow within the next month.

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“We’ve added a new option that allows you to turn off startup sounds,” Microsoft revealed in a new blog post about upcoming system software changes. “To use it, go to Settings > General > Volume & Audio Output > Additional Options.”

Yesterday the company confirmed details of its latest update for all Xbox owners, including an overhaul of the games library, voice chat noise removal, and the ability to change the button LED color. hub of your Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller. Nice!