Microsoft removed online DRM controls for Xbox One discs on Series X

Microsoft has dropped its online checks for Xbox One discs when playing on an Xbox Series X.

Online requirements for Xbox games have previously been criticized for being unclear and rendering downloaded and offline games unplayable during service outages.

Microsoft recently made a quiet change to the checks performed when launching games on Xbox Series X. For anyone who makes good use of Series X backwards compatibility, there are now no online DRM checks for Xbox One discs. . (Of course, that wasn’t a problem on the discless Series S.)

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Eden Marie, head of engineering at Xbox, confirmed the Twitter that Xbox One discs can now be played offline. Based on data collected since the launch of Series X/S in 2020, the Xbox team “determined that online compatibility checking is not necessary in the vast majority of cases for Xbox One discs” , said Mary.

It’s a small step to ensure that players have access to their games at all times and that it is well received by certain parts of the community. Others are now asking that games downloaded from Game Pass or claimed from original Xbox discs receive the same update.