Monster Hunter Rise: the next free Sunbreak update will be released on September 29

Capcom has shared more details about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s upcoming free title update, which will introduce Violet Mizutsune and Risen Chameleos to Switch and PC on September 29th.

When Capcom previously discussed Title Update 2 late last month, it confirmed that the Flaming Espinas monster variant would be one of its new additions. It is now announced two more variants for the release – the aforementioned Violet Mizutsune and Risen Chameleos – both appearing in its latest update trailer.

There isn’t much information about the Violet Mizutsune yet, but the resurrected Chameleos is described as an ancient dragon who “overcame affliction by achieving symbiosis with the Qurio, gaining great strength and new abilities” . As such, it “presents an even greater danger than when they were still under the influence of the affliction” – so be careful.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Free Title Update 2 Trailer.

Elsewhere, Title Update 2 adds new weekly events that offer unique rewards and introduces the new layered weapons feature. This allows players to use their favorite weapon models while retaining the power, stats, and effects of another. The Lost Code Layered Weapon Set – featuring variants for all 14 weapon types – is one of several paid DLC cosmetic sets made available through the in-game store.

Finally, Title Update 2 brings more improvements to Sunbreak’s Anomaly Quests – an end-game feature allowing hunters of MR10 or higher to take on ultra-violent monsters. With the new update, additional monsters will be added to Anomaly Research quests, with Anomaly Investigation reaching level 120.

Title Update 2 will launch for Switch and PC on September 29, and will be followed by a third title update this “Winter”, bringing new special species monsters and powerful monsters. Capcom says free updates will continue through 2023.