New Last Of Us Meme Gifs released by Naughty Dog

A young girl wearing a backpack reaches out and strokes a giraffe in a desolate, overgrown town.

Screenshot: Naughty Dog / Sony

Today, September 26, is the awkwardly titled “The last of us Day.” As part of this annual international day of celebration, developer Naughty Dog has released 10 new animated gifs featuring characters from the game, like Joel and Ellie.

In the universe of The last of us, September 26 is the day the gaming virus reached critical mass. What a fun birthday to celebrate! The last of us The day started in 2013, and was originally titled Outbreak Day, which is definitely a better, less clunky name. However, this annual celebration of all things The last of us had to change name in 2020 due to the real, ongoing and deadly covid-19 pandemic. And today, in honor of the celebration, Naughty Dog released 10 new animated gifs featuring characters from the show, inspired by popular online memes. It’s time to put you in the The The last of us Spirit day day.

Have you ever wanted to see Joel recreate Robert Redford’s famous smiling gif? Well, there it is !

Perhaps you have long wanted one The last of us-Thematic gif based on the internet classic “Dramatic Hamster?” Good news, your oddly specific dream has come true.

According to Naughty Dog, with each game release, its animators choose some of their favorite memes and recreate them using characters and assets from their own games. Earlier this month, the team released gifs in honor of The Last of Us: Part 1the start. But the team had even more gifs to share and that’s which was released today on Giphy. Such joy.

“The opportunity to laugh, pay homage to some of our favorite TV shows and movies, and collaborate with artists from different disciplines to create these GIFs has truly been a delight,” explained Naughty Dog. “Thank you to everyone who brought their talent and sense of humor to create these! Our feeds will never be the same again.

You can find more recreations of Naughty Dog memes here on its official Giphy page. For those into that sort of thing, there’s a treasure trove of content to find. For others, like me, who find it all terrible and off-putting, well, why are you even reading this…

Also, as part of today’s celebrations, Naughty Dog and HBO have released a new trailer for the next live broadcast based on the first game. It should be out next year.