New Resident Evil Village DLC Trailer Reveals Rose’s Mysterious Power

At the end of Resident Evil Village, it was teased that Ethan Winters’ now-teenage daughter could wield awesome powers. The exact nature of these powers has never been revealed, with Rose revealing that “even Chris” didn’t know the full extent of what she could do through her contact with the megafungus.

However, a new trailer for Village’s The Winter’s Expansion DLC showed off more of its new story, Shadows of Rose, including what those powers are.

Shared as part of Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show presentation, this trailer reveals that Rose is actually able to freeze enemies. So very appropriate name.

Capcom’s TGS showcase.

This new gel means that Rose will be able to “target [her enemies] weak points and defeat them quickly” – something that will be incredibly important in the twisted realm in which this story is set, as Capcom declared a “unique attack [here] can be fatal.”

Winters by name, winters by nature.

The entire DLC, which also includes The Mercenaries: Additional Orders arcade mode and a third-person mode for the base game, will be included in Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, releasing simultaneously on October 28 on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. , PC (Steam) and Stadia.

Additionally, Capcom has confirmed that the entire game will be playable on PSVR2 upon release, with those at TGS currently able to play with it during the event.