Ninja Theory Disputes It’s Using AI To Replace Voice Actors

Hellblade developer Ninja Theory has disputed claims that it uses AI technology to replace voice actors in its games, saying it only uses AI-generated voice work for the ” fictional content”.

Ninja Theory has been named by GLHF as a company that uses the services of Altered AI, a technology company that helps studios create “compelling professional voice performances” via AI rather than professional – and real – voice actors. .

The report, however, refrained from revealing details of the arrangement, stating that “the details of their partnership are secret”.

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To the direct question “are you really considering replacing human voice actors with AI?”, Ninja Theory’s answer was a definitive “no”.

“No. For clarity, we’re using this AI technology for placeholder content only to help us understand things like timing and placement in early stages of development,” the company said on Twitter. .

“We then collaborate with real actors whose performances are central to bringing our stories to life.”

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