Nvidia CEO Says High PC Graphics Card Prices Will Stay Here

Never without his leather, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang wields an RTX 4090 GPU.

Photo: Nvidia

If your shock sticker of Nvidia’s revelation of astronomical prices because its new 4000-series graphics cards yesterday gave you a disadvantage in perception tests, I bring bad news: it’s unlikely to improve, at least as far as Nvidia is concerned. It looks like the green team is sticking to these sky-high prices for their new cards and based on comments from CEO Jensen Huang, we should expect these prices to be the new normal.

Responding to questions about the remarkably high cost of the company’s new GPUs, Digital trends reports that Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang was very blunt in saying that “the idea that the chip price will drop is a thing of the past.” With the demise of cryptocurrency mining after the Etherium merger, many PC enthusiasts hoped that graphics cards, which until recently were in short supply and at a high price, would see a return to higher prices. reasonable in the future. It seems, however, that Nvidia disagrees.

“Moore’s Law is dead,” Huang said, referring to the transistor count phenomenon. doubling every two years, which improves performance and reduces costs. “A 12-inch pad is much more expensive today.”

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Although the upcoming 4000-series cards appear to be testing the limits that enthusiasts will be willing to spend on a significant upgrade, the company said the 3000-series is likely to present an ongoing alternative for those looking to save some serious cash. ‘silver. Yesterday an Nvidia spokesperson said Kotaku that, “RTX 3080 10GB is still incredible value and we will continue to offer it in our lineup.”

Nvidia has been on a roll lately when it comes to angering its customers. His behavior towards AIB (add-on board) partners who make third-party cards with Nvidia chips was apparently offensive enough to scare off one of the biggest names in town, EVGA, to manufacture GPUs in the future. Now Nvidia is signaling its intention to keep the price squeeze on consumers as well, and with prices this high, we’re in uncharted waters.