Overwatch 2 is starting to look like a free nightmare

Overwatch heroes examine the new game's unlock requirements with puzzled expressions.

Image: Snow storm

With Monitor 2launches in just one week, Blizzard has given more details on what will be different in the free sequel, and it sounds harsh. While returning players will have access to all returning heroes in the game, brand new players will need to play around 100 matches to unlock them all. A future worth fighting for, indeed.

The information was revealed in a new blog post which, among other things, deepens the “first user experience (FTUE)” for Surveillanceis the long-awaited sequel. “We want the FTUE to welcome players more gradually to Monitor 2, as we have seen consistent feedback from new players feeling overwhelmed with many game modes and heroes,” Blizzard wrote. “New players start by accessing a limited set of game modes, heroes, and other restrictions to integrate them more gradually.”

New players will need to win 50 quick matches to unlock competitive mode and complete around 100 matches to unlock everything Monitoring 132 existing heroes. In-game chat and other game modes, meanwhile, will unlock “quickly” as the integration begins. “This targeted experience makes it easier for new players to enter the world of Surveillance teaching them different modes, rules, and other high-level aspects of the game in an accessible way,” Blizzard wrote.

A screenshot shows some of what's included in Overwatch 2's first battle pass.

Image: Snow storm

Quick matches often last around 10-15 minutes. Not counting wait times, it takes around 20 hours to unlock Tracer, Genji, and the rest of the crew. While the original Surveillance was $60, the new one is free, allowing players to unlock the full roster, much like some fighting games. On the other hand, even at minimum wage, a half-week of full-time work costs $145.

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This all comes in the wake of the existing blocking controversy Monitor 2is the first new hero, the support character Kiriko, behind battle pass level 55. If players want to access it from the jump, they’ll have to shell out over $40 for the Watchpoint bundle. Monitor 2 takes a step in the right direction by ditching loot boxes altogether, but the nickel and reducing what costs money and time players need to grind clearly leads to a lot of frustration before the game ends ( some battle passes and free savings are geared entirely towards rewards that don’t affect gameplay).

Today Blizzard also clarified a few other upcoming changes. Monitor 2:

  • Only one sponsorship category per game
  • Portrait borders that symbolize player level disappear
  • New ping system helps players communicate without using chat
  • Machine learning audio transcripts will be used to monitor players’ toxic behavior
  • Player accounts will now require a phone number to add more security and protect against cheating

Monitor 2 won’t just be Blizzard’s new focus when it releases on October 4th, it will actually replace Monitoring 1 absolutely. What if you were considering buying the original game so you could automatically bypass the first player experience for Monitor 2, sorry, the game is no longer for sale. Instead, players are directed to the $40 Watchpoint Bundle which includes the old game and a smooth transition to the next one. Long story short: Monitor 2 is a free game that secretly costs $40 if you’ve never played before and don’t have time to grind.