PUBG: Battlegrounds update 19.2 has arrived with a McLaren crossover event

PUBG: Battlegrounds’ latest update, 19.2, is now live on all platforms, bringing a new vehicle and weather system to Deston, an animation refresh and, ahem, the chance to “race to your next chicken dinner in style”.

The new “special collaboration” with McLaren will run until November 1 for PC players and until November 9 for those using PUBG on console, and will introduce a bunch of McLaren-flavored goodies, including a McLaren vehicle skin GT Standard – Onyx Black, costume, gear, emote, and “more via in-game McLaren loot caches”.

Patch Report #19.2 – DESTON Updates, New Vehicle and New Special Skins | PUBG.

Players can also start the RB Cup with McLaren skins “thanks to the new vehicle interaction feature”, although fair warning: skins “do not affect vehicle performance”. Sorry.

Other goodies include a Vehicle Workshop where you can spend McLaren Tokens to add vehicle skins, a McLaren Container Car that spawns at every starting point and can only be used by those (and their teammates) who own a McLaren vehicle skin. The containers however disappear at the start of the match.

There are also updated animations, introduced to “enhance the player experience by improving and refining the game’s animation presentation, while maintaining the existing timing and strategy” and a new weather system for the Deston map. which gives a “time of day weather feature that will provide a more realistic lighting/weather condition during a single match”.

Finally, you’ll find a “not-so-friendly neighborhood food truck” on Deston that will “hand out not-so-friendly goodies” that seats up to four passengers and has a large, vertical, open-sided window.

PUBG update 19.1 dropped last month, introducing a slew of new features, including the Assassin’s Creed limited-time event.

ICYMI, PUBG: Battlegrounds has seen 80,000 new players per day since going free-to-play earlier this year. Confirming the new numbers in its latest financial report, developer/publisher Krafton confirmed that the company’s net profit rose 37% from the same quarter last year, although operating profit and revenue decreased by 6.9% and 7.8% percent respectively.

The company also revealed that “to ensure a fairer playing environment for everyone, the game has also adopted stricter anti-cheat programs”, while the mobile edition of PUBG – called New State Mobile – “continued to ‘evolve, refocusing the way it maintains live service and expanding its IP collaboration efforts’.

PUBG developer Krafton recently announced a new game based on the Korean fantasy book, The Bird That Drinks Tears.