PUBG creator Brendan Greene is working on a blockchain metaverse game

PUBG creator Brendan Greene has unveiled his next blockchain-based game.

Artemis will be a metaverse game with NFTs, as advertised on Nathan Brown’s Hit Points.

“I’m just going to do what I’m going to do,” he said. “[Artemis is] this thing that we want to create, and it’s going to give people a lot of fun, a lot of fun, and a lot of meaningful things to do. But it doesn’t matter if it’s called the Metaverse. I don’t care what people want to call it.”

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He notes that because the game is a world in which players can create, ownership registration is required – as well as a way for players to monetize their creations.

“We are building a digital place,” he said. “It has to have an economy, and there has to be systems at work. And I think you should be able to extract value from a digital place; it has to be like the internet, where you can do things that But it’s not like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. It’s a kid called AwesomePickle who sells cool skins because he understands what people want.

The technology behind the game will also be open source.

“It’s for everyone, right? It shouldn’t be controlled by us in the end,” he said. “It may be a platform that we help maintain, but it’s something that anyone can log into, and anyone can host a bit of themselves.

“I’m pretty zealous about it. It has to be done a certain way. The only way it exists is if it’s done for everyone, and it’s not done for the money. .”

So what is Artemis?

Brendan left the PUBG development team in 2019 to set up PlayerUnknown Productions in Amsterdam, with Artemis as his major project.

It is intended to be an Earth-sized virtual world where hundreds of thousands of players can create and play whatever they want.

It’s also kind of a research project into using AI to populate its world – using an ML agent to, say, program animal behavior or NPC AI.

As Brown notes, “What Artemis ultimately becomes depends on the people who choose to live there, play there, and create.”

In broader PUBG news, its developer Krafton has a new game in the works called The Bird That Drinks Tears, based on a Korean fantasy novel of the same name.