PUBG Mobile’s new anti-cheat system has “already seen a 50% decrease in cheating” in testing

PUBG Mobile has released a new anti-cheat system which it claims has already cut cheating in half.

Developer Krafton says the system, called Fog of War, “helps hide other players’ movements from cheaters using x-ray vision/wall hacks”, and states that during the testing period, cheating dropped by 62% in “certain regions”. .

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“The first of its kind in mobile gaming, Fog of War is an advanced anti-cheat system that limits the gameplay information a player receives, reducing their ability to see players out of sight or through walls. and objects,” Krafton explains. .

“First, the Fog of War system scans all the buildings and terrain on the huge maps of PUBG Mobiles. Through internal calculations, the system then intelligently determines what the player is supposed to be able to see. Finally, only those specific information is sent by the server to the player. Non-visible information will not be sent, which will put an end to x-ray vision cheats.”

Anti-cheat measures will be implemented across large open maps and will “become more comprehensive” as the new system is gradually rolled out to all PUBG Mobile game modes.

“Cheating is totally unacceptable in PUBG Mobile, and it’s yet another step to prevent players from using deceptive and unfair technology,” the developer insists. “Nothing is more important to PUBG Mobile than ensuring players have a safe, fun, and fair experience.”

ICYMI, Afghanistan has become the latest in a series of countries to ban PUBG, with the game now set to be made unplayable in the country within the next 90 days.

Writing on Twitter, the director of the ruling Taliban government’s media and information center said the game would be blocked, alongside social app TikTok, for its effects on young people.

India, Pakistan, China, and Jordan have also previously banned PUBG, the mobile version of which has specifically become particularly popular in those countries.