Solium Infernum revival announced by League of Geeks

Armello developer League of Geeks has announced that their next project will be a revival of the cult classic strategy game Solium Infernum.

This reimagining of turn-based Hell-set gameplay will feature an all-new single-player campaign and asynchronous multiplayer matches, along with modernized 3D visuals and an updated interface.

It is slated for a PC release in 2023.

Solium Infernum Trailer

Melbourne, Australia-based League of Geeks rose to fame with Armello – the studio’s first release that recreated a tabletop strategy game as a video game.

Now, the studio’s goal is to update Solium Infernum while retaining its unique gameplay – allowing all participants to take turns simultaneously and only see their enemies’ plans unfold according to their own choices.

The object of the game is to claim the infernal throne of hell, using deep systems of political intrigue, military strategies, treachery and betrayal. Players choose one of eight archdemons at the start of a match and must master the five spheres of evil and claim artifacts as villainous boons.

Games can be two- to four-hour single-player games or week-long six-player multiplayer matches with just a few minutes of play per day.

“The original Solium Infernum is one of the most remarkable video games ever made. Its evocative Milton-inspired take on Hell and its deep focus on political intrigue is unlike anything else on the market,” said said League co-founder and director Trent Kusters. geeks.

“We are honored and thrilled to put Solium Infernum in the spotlight it has always deserved!”

Solium Infernum was one of Eurogamer’s games of 2009, all those years ago.

League of Geeks’ announcement came during its keynote at this week’s EGX, the show run by Eurogamer parent company Reedpop.

You can check out the game on its Steam page.