Spelunky 2 gets cross-play multiplayer in new update

An update to Spelunky 2 adds crossplay to its online multiplayer.

Now Adventure Mode and Arena Mode are available to play online with friends or random players on PlayStation and Xbox, Switch and PC (Steam) consoles.

“With this, I feel like all of our major goals for online multiplayer have been met, but to be clear, we will continue to monitor social channels for feedback and plan to make further improvements to the game. ‘Spelunky 2 online experience,’ reads an update. with the release of v1.26 from designer Derek Yu.

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“We really appreciate that so many players stuck with us while we worked on online multiplayer. Trust me when I say we always get frustrated when something doesn’t go as planned or we’re forced to delay output.”

The update notes that multiplayer and online features continue to be prioritized over new single-player content, though bug fixes and game breaking issues are still being looked into.

Yu also apologized for the sync duration between levels when playing online.

“Sorry about that. This is part of our ongoing quest to create a seamless experience between players on very different systems in terms of power (including within Steam). Based on the feedback we’ve already had on the 1.26, some players have a much better online experience, while other players who could play well before now have to deal with syncs. We would like to start by releasing a workaround for this last group as soon as possible and go from there” , did he declare.

The update also includes patch notes on other fixes.

Donlan awarded the game an Essential in his Spelunky 2 review, calling it a “legendary sequel”.