Twitch bans game streams as influential streamers threaten strike

Twitch has updated its regulations on gambling on the streaming platform, following an outcry from streamers.

The new policy prohibits the streaming of gambling sites that include slots, roulette or dice games that are not authorized in the United States or “other jurisdictions that offer sufficient protection of consumers” from October 18.

This follows strike threats from some of Twitch’s biggest streamers after former Team Liquid member ItsSliker admitted to scamming viewers and other streamers out of $200,000 to fund his gaming addiction. .

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News of ItsSliker broke when a video of him asking for money was leaked on reddit. Streamer Lukeafk also admitted to loaning ItsSliker $27,000.

“It’s time for the truth,” ItsSliker said on a Just Chatting stream. “If you haven’t heard, I borrowed money from people… To people watching, I know I can never ask for forgiveness. I’m sick.

“I never intended to scam anyone and will still pay the people I owe…what I did was horrible, lying to multiple people.”

Gaming on Twitch has been a huge problem for quite some time. Earlier this year, streamer xQc revealed he had lost $1.85 million in a month to online casinos – something he does frequently while streaming – saying “it’s fun and I can allow it to be done”.

After the ItsSliker story broke, xQc, along with streamers Ludwig and Mizkif, promised to refund fans who lent money.

And other streamers have called on Twitch to ban gambling. Pokimane, Mizkif, Destiny, and Devin Nash discussed ongoing plans to stage a strike during the holiday season to financially hit the platform.

Clearly, that push worked, with Twitch following through with its latest update.

While this is certainly a welcome move, it proves the power of these big streamers – power that hasn’t been used on previous occasions.

Many streamers joined the A Day Off Twitch campaign last summer after minority streamers were bombarded with hate raids, but some of the biggest names on the platform refused to join because they thought it wouldn’t do. no difference. Asmongold, for example, has called for a ban on ItsSliker and gamblingbut he refused to join the hate raid strike because “nobody gives a fuck if you take a day off. Nobody knows who you are”.

The hypocrisy continues elsewhere, as Mizkif has been accused of covering up sexual assaults by fellow streamer CrazySlick, as reported by TheVerge.

A full update to Twitch’s gaming policy is expected soon, before October 18. Websites focused on sports betting, fantasy sports and poker will still be allowed.