Twitch’s Kai Cenat Overtakes xQc in Subs, Calls Platform

Kai Cenat celebrates after reaching his final milestone as Twitch's most subscribed streamer.

Screenshot: Kai Cenat / Twitch / Kotaku

Kai Cenat provided a bright spot at the end of what was a very bad week for Twitch. The 20-year-old streamer managed to break 80,000 paid subs, surpassing Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel become the most subscribed English channel on Twitch. A tearful midterm call with his mother summed up everything that moment meant to him and his fans. “My son works harder, he’s a grinder,” she says. “Every day, every night, and he gives me the world.”

A longtime content creator, it wasn’t until early this year that Cenat started making big waves on Amazon’s streaming platform. It didn’t take long for him to start gaining a large following, but his rapid rise up the paid subscriber ladder is still something to see. He gained 20,000 subscribers in the last few weeks alone, and September 23 it took him over.

“80,000 SUBSCRIBERS ON TWITCH CURRENTLY #1 IN THE COUNTRY THIS IS BEYOND ME I LOVE EVERYONE WHO SHOWED SUPPORT THROUGH MAFIA4L,” he tweeted. While Cenat is still behind Brazilian streamer Casimiro Miguel Vieira da Silva Ferreira internationally, Twitch Tracker indicates that the former has even more subscriptions paid out of pocket (the majority of Casimiro are via Amazon Prime gift subscriptions, where the streamer receives the money, but the viewer uses their Prime account to send it for free).

During the flow leading up to the decisive moment, Cenat thanked all his supporters, danceand took emotional calls from his family. The only thing he didn’t thank was Twitch, which he called out for ignoring the passionate community he built in such a short time.

“I need you all to watch what’s going on, Twitch, I need you to understand bro, you’ve been feeling me for so many years, people of my color, we haven’t been recognized,” he said during the stream. “I refuse to allow my community to go unnoticed. Yo Twitch, I have no problem with you Twitch. There is not a single time I saw someone in my community on the front page of your platform bro.

Content creators have already debated why Twitch hasn’t done more to promote one of its fastest growing new big names. For many, Cenat’s success was vindication for all those creators striving to climb to the top of the platform, especially when Twitch was constantly criticized for not doing enough to help and protect Black and White. other marginalized streamers. “Kai Cenat being #1 on Twitch is the best thing that has ever happened to black creators on the platform,” tweeted MarioHTXX.

“I don’t care if I’m ‘unsellable’ you get me bro, I don’t care if I’m unsellable bro, alright, I don’t care bro,” Cenat said after the breakup 80 000. “I don’t care what y’all n*****, if I say too many n*****s, I don’t care n*****, I don’t care They don’t want to acknowledge the real one, mate He blamed Twitch for trying to block other viewers from seeing what his community had to offer and for responding quickly to streamers’ outrage over the game on the platform, but without addressing the difficulties of black creators. “As a 20-year-old black man, I really hope things change my brother, I really hope things change my brother”, did he declare.

Cenat’s momentum seems unlikely to stop there. Raúl “AuronPlay” Genes still has the most subscribers (13.9 million) and average daily viewership (111,699). xQc, meanwhile, is still the most-watched streamer overall with 17.6 million total hours watched. These measures, however, do not pay the bills. According StreamChartsCenat’s latest milestone could net him up to $130,000 a month after Twitch takes his controversial haircut.