Vampire Survivors Gets 1.0 Release Date

Vampire Survivors will leave Steam Early Access on October 20, with its 1.0 release bringing major new content.

Since its release earlier this year, Vampire Survivors has proven to be incredibly popular. It is the third highest rated game on Steam and one of the most downloaded games on Steam Deck.

The actual content of the release is still secret, but will be revealed as an advent calendar starting October 7.

Vampire Survivors – v1.0 release date announcement

What has been revealed so far are tweaks to balance, new achievements to unlock, and new language options, so the game will be playable in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese , Turkish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean , and Japanese.

There will also be post-launch support, as well as a switch to a new game engine by the end of the year.

The Steam version and Game Pass port for PC will be updated at the same time.

“I started creating Vampire Survivors at the height of the pandemic after working for a popular burger chain and later as a web developer, because I wanted something to play at night for me. Attacks are designed to be automatic so the player can focus on something else while playing and just have a good time,” said poncle founder Luca Galante.

“I never thought Vampire Survivors would become such a hit. It truly is an indie dream come true! I can’t wait for players to see the surprises we have planned for the full launch day!”

The game recently received a pre-launch price increase of 1.0 from $2.99 ​​to $4.99, which is still an absolute steal.

Bertie was a big fan of the game when he played it back in January, but there have been plenty of content updates and tweaks since then.