YouTuber slips up, reveals he was behind ‘Insider’ Twitter account that leaked Ubisoft details and more

YouTuber Dan Allen has apologized after it became apparent he was behind a Twitter account that recently leaked details about Ubisoft’s Forward presentation, along with other industry details.

Allen recently garnered some influence online around the fact that he posted, under the alias The Real Insider, details of the various Assassin’s Creed games that Ubisoft was set to announce at its event last week.

How did Allen know these details? He had been pre-informed by Ubisoft itself about the content of its embargoed presentation – which he then quickly ignored and wrote anonymously on the internet.

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That facade of anonymity slipped last night, however, when Allen appeared to respond to a follower on the wrong account — answering a question sent to The Real Insider on Twitter using his personal handle instead.

The tweet and The Real Insider account quickly disappeared, but not before some followers noticed.

Allen then issued a statement on Twitter as an apology and said it would “never happen again.”

“I’m sorry to everyone for my actions,” Allen wrote. “I am ashamed and disappointed in myself. I will take some time to reflect on my bad decisions, which will never happen again. To everyone who has supported me over the years, I am really [sic] sorry to let you down.”

Eurogamer has contacted Ubisoft for comment.