YouTuber videogamedunkey launches his own independent publishing company Bigmode

videogamedunkey, one of the most popular gaming YouTubers, has announced its own indie game publishing company.

The company, called Bigmode, was created by Jason Gastrow (better known as donkey) and his girlfriend Leah.

Gastrow is known for his running gags, deadpan delivery, and quirky humor, while also being able to produce excellent gaming and industry videos.

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Gastrow has been outspoken in his love for indie games in particular, and in his announcement video for Bigmode cites this as the main reason for founding the company.

Watch videogamedunkey announce its indie game publishing company Bigmode.

“I’ve always sought out the best indie games and tried to do them justice,” Gastrow said, adding that the Bigmode team has “put a lot of effort into creating the most developer-friendly deals possible. “. Gastrow concluded his video by encouraging developers to apply through Bigmode’s website, whether their project is a pitch or a finished product.

Some said they looked forward to seeing the games that will be published by Bigmode, trusting Gastrow’s curation. For some developers, this fact raises some skepticism about the company’s intentions and potential actions in the future.

Gastrow described Bigmode as a “smooth continuation of my channel”, suspicious of what exactly that means.

Others wondered if Gastrow had the skills to work in game development. The credentials used by Gastrow to promote Bigmode consisted of his time as a critic on YouTube:

“These days, I feel like I play almost every game that comes out… I play so many games that my first name is ‘video game’, okay? I understand what kind of ideas always work, what ideas never work, what kind of ideas are fresh or need to come back and what is extremely played.”

The statement has caused frustration among those with experience delivering a game, as it involves more than just curating the game.

Other developers wish Gastrow and his team well, acknowledging that the process of shipping a game can only be truly learned by actually shipping a game.

Mike Rose, a former reviewer on various sites including Kotaku and Gamasutra and now editor-in-chief No More Robots, revealed he was contacted by three “huge” different YouTubers looking for advice on starting their own video companies. ‘editing, which means we may see more internet personalities launch editors soon.